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We are tiny kennel based in northern part of Europe- Estonia, Pakri.
Balance and harmony of exceptional health and character, beauty and friendliness of our beloved breed dog are the main goals for us.
Write to us: kennel@minirevals.eu

Officially, under the name MiniReval ‘s,  our kennel started in July 2018, but…

 Now we breed wirehaired kaninchen and miniature dachshunds.

… and Miniature longhaired dachshunds.

All of our dogs and puppies are raised on the quality food, good enough for humans.

We use the half and half method. This means, half of the food is super premium dry food and half is homemade and/or fresh raw food.

Finn CIB

OUR dogs area winners of numerous dog shows and champions of several countries in Baltics and Europe.

Our dogs also have certificates for working qualities.

Contact us: kennel@minirevals.eu